Quick Conversations with The Gentlemen, Vol. 16

Dear Friends,
It’s another thrilling installment of Quick Conversations with The Gentlemen!  There’s an election coming up, ain’t there?  Let’s get topical!

The Scene:  A post-show conversation with a new fan.

Fan:  Good show!  I’m a new fan!
Andy Bean:  Terrific!  We can always use one more!
Fan:  But, I think you guys should talk about the election during the show.  It’s important.
Andy Bean:  Really?  The opinions of a two-man novelty band would influence your decision?
Fan:  Yup.
The Councilman:  As Councilman, I declare you ineligible to vote.
Fan:  I don’t think I like you guys any more.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this Quick Conversation with The Gentlemen!

Yours very truly,
Andy Bean


3 thoughts on “Quick Conversations with The Gentlemen, Vol. 16

  1. Randall says:

    Proper etiquette, methinks.

  2. Anne Whitehurst says:

    And I second that, Councilman.

  3. Paul Felden says:

    It’s about time you started declaring people ineligible to vote. Can you talk to some of my co-workers?

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