2011 TMGB Superlatives & Awards, Part 1

Greatest Feat of Two-Man Strength 
Plymouth, MA to Portland, OR via Minivan in 3 1/2 Days 
Said feat included:  A rare bit of October snowy driving in Massachusetts; A 300 mile detour up and over Colorado and Wyoming to avoid a blizzard; A forgotten Amazon Kindle, a cover-up by the hotel where it was left (one shouldn’t really have to file a police report to recover a forgotten item, should they?), and Andy Bean’s subsequent realization that he thinks he prefers regular books anyway; Two visits to Applebee’s (sadly, the only booze-pouring places in many areas after 10pm);  Three instances of Applebee’s related stomach discomfort; Approximately 90 minutes of two-man conversation and 48 and a half hours of dead silence.

The Ideological Loggerheads Award
Short Shifts vs. The Councilman
Though we’re proud of the above accomplishment (see above), the planning for it gave rise to a profound ideological disagreement between The Gentlemen.  When considering how we should approach the cross-country drive, The Councilman advocated for the same two-man driving strategy we’ve always employed; one man drives for 5 to 6 hours then yields to the other guy.  Andy Bean, on the other hand, was convinced that the only way to survive 3,200 minivan miles in three and a half days was a dramatic change of tactics.   He suggested we employ the time-honored hockey-coaching strategy of short-shifts, switching drivers every 8 to 10 minutes.

The conversation went like this:

Andy Bean: Short shifts, like in hockey.
The Councilman:  What are you?  A fucking idiot?
Andy Bean:  I just think we could learn a lot from hockey coaches.
The Councilman:  I’m not fucking switching with you every 8 fucking minutes.

Loggerheads, indeed!

Yours very truly,
Andy Bean


One thought on “2011 TMGB Superlatives & Awards, Part 1

  1. anon says:

    should read “every 8 … minutes”

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