2010 Superlatives, Volume 1

Dear Friends,
Let us now reflect on the past year of two-man music-making with our first round of Two Man Gentlemen Band 2010 superlatives.

Most Colorful and Outlandish Pledge (Srikar G. – 1/30/10)
Srikar, a native of Bangalore and a student at Colgate University, organized a lovely concert for us at his college in January.  We are proud to report that he was quite taken with The Gentlemen’s music and offered to help us in any way he can.  He fixated on the idea of bringing us to Bangalore for a performance.  “That’d be lovely,” we told him, and quickly changed the subject to less impractical concert opportunities.  This led Srikar to make his winning pledge:  “No, I’m serious.  I would rather die than not bring you to Bangalore.  I swear to you, if I don’t put on a Two Man Gentlemen Band concert in India in the next 10 years, I will kill myself.”

Worst Valentine’s Day Date (The Trouser Mouse Bar – 2/14/10)
To be clear, The Gentlemen love our friends at The Trouser Mouse Bar in Blue Springs, MO.  That said… Men of the world, if your romantic Valentine’s Day dinner plans consisted of a trip with your lady to a place called The Trouser Mouse to eat fried foods and watch some occasionally bawdy two-man music while sipping pints of Blue Demon (The Trouser Mouse’s in-house answer to Red Bull), The Gentlemen do not have high hopes for your relationship.  Unless, of course, she’s the kind of girl who likes that kind of thing.  In which case, well done!

The Audience Mass Exodus Award (Arcata, CA – 11/5/10)
We Gentlemen are in the privileged position these days that when an act who precedes us on stage announces, “Stick around for The Two Man Gentlemen Band, coming up next!” the audience typically cheers and does, in fact, stick around.  But there are still areas of the world, I’m embarrassed to say, where our two-man music seeds have yet to bear fruit.  And occasionally, the announcement of an impending Two Man Gentlemen Band performance sends a good 90% of an audience scrambling for the exits.  Such was the case here.

More awards coming soon!

Yours very truly,
Andy Bean


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