Quick Conversations with The Gentlemen, Vol. 7

Dear Friends,
Have The Gentlemen abandoned this page, you ask?  Certainly not!  We’ve been directing our attention towards the making of two-man musics.  Allow us to make it up to you with another Quick Conversation with The Gentlemen.

The Scene: The Councilman and Andy Bean in The Gentlevan after another splendid Two Man Gentlemen Band concert.

Andy Bean:  I have something to confess.
The Councilman: Uh oh.
Andy Bean: Remember the shot of booze that guy bought for us?
The Councilman: Yes.  It was awesome.
Andy Bean: While you and he were drinking yours, I just took a little sip of mine, put it on the table and never finished it.
The Councilman: [Sighs] Well, OK.  I’m glad you told me.  I’m not mad…
Andy Bean: Oh, good.
The Councilman: … on the outside.
Andy Bean: Oh?
The Councilman: On the inside, I wanna kill you, pour that shot on your body, and light you on fire after you’re dead.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this Quick Conversation with The Gentlemen.  Keep in touch!

Yours very truly,
Andy Bean
The Two Man Gentlemen Band


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