Haiku Contest! Winner gets a Free T-Shirt!

Dear Friends,
To celebrate the opening of The Two Man Gentlemen Band Store (your source for Gentlemanly music, apparel, and eventually much much more), we announce the first ever Two Man Gentlemen Band Haiku Contest.  To enter, compose a Haiku on a topic that in some way, no matter how vaguely, relates to The Two Man Gentlemen Band.  Post it in the comments section below.  We’ll pick a winner next week and send him or her a lovely new TMGB T-shirt.  Deadline for entries is Mon, Mar 8.

Here are a few, to get you in the mood.

Look! The Councilman
Can bass-fiddle and sip booze
With only two hands!


On Friday let’s play
For a dozen old-timers.
A music career!

In the mood?  Splendid!  Good luck!

Yours very truly,
Andy Bean
The Two Man Gentlemen Band


15 thoughts on “Haiku Contest! Winner gets a Free T-Shirt!

  1. Sharon Vasher says:

    Natty and snappy;
    Oh listen to them play,
    The Two Man Gentlemen Band!

  2. Matt says:

    Won the last contest;
    E-mailed all those festivals
    Never got my stuff


  3. Andrew says:

    fashionistas make plucking
    Eight strings as fun as

    Damn, ran out of syllables

  4. gonz says:

    Dashed to the big gig
    At the snowy Southgate House
    Just to see them leave.

  5. Sanacore says:

    Your songs got me laid.
    Next time you are in Asheville
    chocolate awaits.

  6. Mary says:

    It’s easy to watch
    Two gents doin’ what they love
    With passion and verve.

    Gentlefolk! Listen!
    Musicians unlike others
    Delight in their wit.

  7. Heather says:

    My, what handsome gents!
    Clever tunes and fine attire
    Make the ladies swoon!

  8. Karolina says:

    Two men together
    Deftly, rhythmically stroking
    each other’s…banjos.

  9. Melodie & Drew says:

    Alien kitty,
    Please come to our wedding fest.
    You can dance with Drew…

    What are the rules here?
    Can we submit more than one?
    We’re just warming up.

    Slow Jesus was there,
    Sloppy Drunk girl was also,
    Costume contest rigged!!

    Kazoo is my friend
    When I blow on him real hard
    He makes funny noise.

    We need to stop now.
    I do have a life, you know.
    Where’s my dippin’ sauce????

  10. huge with child at last show…irish lad born fine…cant wait for st pats!

    Shane, Ian, I can not wait to see you guys again at Shamrocks in Huntington!

  11. alisa says:

    Can a booking be bought with Beer?
    Alas I am broke;
    you cost too damn much!


    Two fine handsome Gents
    Zoop Zoop on a logo Kazoo;
    Commence Merriment!


    The Gents were better
    than the opening act.
    Spilt my $7 beer clapping.

  12. alisa says:

    Innocent child looks dismally
    at dinner plate,
    “No dipping sauce?”

  13. Alex says:

    The Councilman’s stache
    Dripping from a foamy beer
    The show begins soon

    The Gentlemen’s wares
    Look fine upon the table;
    Money’s gone for beer

    The Drip Dryin’ dance
    Leaves me sweaty afterwards.
    Oh, the irony!

  14. Jennifer says:

    Making of Two Man music,
    Councilman and Bean,
    One-of-a-kind happening.

  15. Colin says:

    kazoo firm in hand
    the moment fast approaches
    zzzzzzuuuuuuppp da du-doooop zooooo

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