Quick Conversations with The Gentlemen, Vol 5

Dear Friends,
Please enjoy this Quick Conversation with The Gentlemen.

The scene: The Historic Colgate Inn in downtown Hamilton, NY; a sleepy college town with a small strip of restaurants, shops, and bars; and little else.  The Gentlemen approach the Inn’s reception desk to arrange their rooms.  “You must be The Two Man Gentlemen Band!” the innkeeper cheerfully declares, confirming The Gents’ suspicion that their concert in town that night is likely the evening’s most compelling local musical event.   As The Gentlemen bask in the the desk attendant’s flattery, a trio of teenage girls – clad in painfully inelegant matching sweats – scamper towards us across the lobby.

Teen 1: (to the Innkeeper) Uh, what is there to do in this town?
Innkeeper: (gesturing toward us) These gentlemen are playing a concert tonight.
Teen 2: (excitedly) Really?
The Gentlemen: Yup, right up the street.
Teen 3: Uh, what kind of music do you play?
The Gentlemen: Two-man Vaudevillian-swing & Hot jazz.
Teen 1: Oh.
Teen 2: Uh…
Teen 3: I think we already have plans tonight.

(exeunt Teens)

Yours very truly,
Andy Bean, Not Teen-Friendly
The Two Man Gentlemen Band


2 thoughts on “Quick Conversations with The Gentlemen, Vol 5

  1. Dan says:

    How can there be better plans than a show by the Gents?

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