2009 Superlatives, Late Edition!

Dear Friends,
We offer now our final batch of 2009 superlatives.  Enjoy!

State Debut of the Year! (Portland, ME – 11/14/09)
The fine people of Portland showed themselves to be true enthusiasts of the live music recital, even in the face of significant adversity.   Our Maine debut was beset by awful weather – a downpour of such dreadful proportions that The Councilman and I considered canceling our performance on account of rain (a rather drastic step for an indoor concert).   We arrived, with sopping wet clothing and equipment, fully expecting an empty concert hall.   But, no!  Mainers (or at least the 100 or so we met) are a hardy, cheerful people and had hardily and cheerfully packed the room.  It was a delightful evening, even if my socks never dried.  Thanks, Maine!

Honorable mentions: Louisiana, Alabama, and Iowa; all of whom treated us very nicely on our first visit.

Band Solidarity Demerit: (Andy Bean – Charlotte, NC 10/17/09)
A band solidarity demerit is issued when one Gentlemen violates The Gentlemen’s unspoken code of shared burdens and shared joys.  Andy Bean earned his in October when, at the onset of a one-shot drive home from South Carolina to New York City, he insisted that The Councilman deposit him at the Charlotte, NC airport for a (financially ill-advised) 2 hr flight home, leaving The Councilman 10 hrs of solo driving.  Bad form, Andy Bean!   Such an egregious abandoning of your man-friend – even amidst your complaints of severe road burnout and your “but, I haven’t seen my wife in three weeks!” pleas – is probably unforgivable.   But, the public shaming you will endure here at the hands of our precious few blog readers will, I’m sure, be punishment enough.

The Fake Blood or Real Blood Award! (Asheville, NC – 10/31/09)
During our particularly rowdy Halloween eve show at Jack of the Wood in Asheville, our mailing list, in its travels through the crowd, became smeared with an oozy red liquid.  Was this fake blood from the girl in the gruesome zombie costume or real blood from the drunken gentleman who smashed a glass (during our performance of Fancy Beer!) and, after slipping on his spilled beverage, landed upon the shards, slicing himself open?  A Halloween mystery!

The Safe & Legal Driving Award! (The Councilman – 2009)
In the period from June 2007 to December 2008, Andy Bean, then The Gentlevan’s primary driver, earned 3 speeding tickets (which very nearly caused him to lose his New Jersey and Indiana driving privileges), 2 speeding warnings, 1 catastrophic flat tire, and 4 dents on the van of unidentified origin.  In the period from January 2009 to December 2009, with The Councilman at the Gentlevan’s helm, we traveled over 40,000 miles without incident.  This included a miraculous month-long stint behind the wheel of a manual transmission British car on British roads.  Nice driving, sailor!

All in all, a pleasant year.  Thanks to those of you who shared a piece of it with us!

Yours as ever,
Andy Bean, Passenger
The Two Man Gentlemen Band


2 thoughts on “2009 Superlatives, Late Edition!

  1. ab says:

    For shame, Andy Bean!

  2. Jeff says:

    Have the Gentlemen been to the fine (but admittedly small) state of Delaware? If not, I would suggest the Wilmington Grand Opera House as a fine venue in which to share your musical stylings. Alas, I have no influence or friendship with anyone at the Grand Opera House to offer you, but it is a lovely little-known stage, and I would be most thrilled if you worked it into your touring. I’m sure Delaware would be in the running for State Debut of the Year, 2010, assuming you have not been here before.

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