Quick Conversations with The Gentlemen, Vol. 3

Dear Friends,
Many of our musical journeys involve a spell of driving on the New Jersey turnpike.  Those of you familiar with it know that a turnpike driver has his choice of the “Passenger Cars Only” lanes or the “Cars, Trucks, and Buses” lanes.  We gentlemen refer to the former choice as “driving with the amateurs” and the latter as “driving with the pros.”  Before deciding our route, we discuss our options at some length.

Volume 3 – Turnpike – New Jersey, USA

The Gentlemen approach the turnpike entrance.

The Councilman: (passenger) Pros or amateurs?
Andy Bean: (driver) I think I’ll drive with the pros.
The Councilman: Alright!
Andy Bean: Yup.  Drivin’ with the pros.
The Councilman: I’m the pros.
Andy Bean: Huh?
The Councilman: I’m the pros at drinking beers and looking at butts.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this Quick Conversation with The Gentlemen.

Yours very truly,
Andy Bean, Secondary Driver
The Two Man Gentlemen Band


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