More 2009 Superlatives!

Dear Friends,
We’re most pleased to present further awards from the past year of music-making.

Best Two Man Gentlemen Band Impression: Mount Union College (Alliance, OH 3/5/09)
We’ve put these two men on retainer to serve as understudies in case anything awful befalls me and The Councilman.  Pretty convincing, no?

Best Backstage Catering: Opening for Bob Dylan & Willie Nelson (July 2009)
As many of you know, a great many of the venues where we perform lack a backstage area at all, let alone any backstage catering.  So we are  supremely appreciative when it’s offered.  Good thing, too, that this particular spread was as tasty & wholesome as it was.  Had it been anything less, I fear I may have vomited up my pre-show meal from nervousness.  Playing for several thousand people (when one is accustomed to playing for several dozen) can make you a bit queasy.

Most Valuable Third Gentlemen: A Tie!  Brian Kantor (drums) & Matt Downing (tenor guitar)
Not only did these two provide the superb musical accompaniment as part of The Two Man Gentlemen Band Trio & Quartet, they also endured extended bouts of uncomfortable travel.  The backseat of The Gentlevan is intended and entirely fit for liquor-transport, Two Man Gentlemen Band merchandise, and food scraps.  The idea that two moderately-sized men might sit there for any period of time is preposterous.  Mssrs. Kantor and Downing suffered through, by my calculations,  96 and 49 hrs respectively in the back seat.  Most valuable, indeed!

Best Performance at Dick Cheney’s Yacht Club: Miles River Yacht Club (St. Michaels, MD 8/29/09)
To be fair, we only performed at Dick Cheney’s yacht club once.  And Dick Cheney didn’t come to the show.  But he is a member (“That’s his seat over there!” we were told by the old people in attendance.)  Donald Rumsfeld’s a member, too.  He didn’t attend either.  But we like to think they both would’ve enjoyed our show.  Two man music about drinking and romance-making knows no partisan boundaries.  Am I wrong?

Still more to come, friends!

Yours very truly,
Andy Bean, still in Hong Kong
The Two Man Gentlemen Band


One thought on “More 2009 Superlatives!

  1. Julie says:

    Have a happy 2010, Gentlemen! Love the Live album. Thank you very much for that.

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