Quick Conversations with The Gentlemen, Vol. 1

Dear Friends,
In our travels, we Gentlemen are privileged to encounter countless peculiar and wonderful characters in taverns, service stations, and street corners across the country.  The sight of two well-dressed men in a gas station or barroom or hotel lobby seems to put many people in the mood to chat.  Chat with us, that is.  And, as the half of our duo who greatly enjoys a quick chat with strangers, this pleases me to no end.

Today, we are delighted to inaugurate our Quick Conversations with The Gentlemen feature.  Here we’ll share with you transcriptions of some of our most memorable brief chats with strangers.

Volume 1 – Service Station, Chipley, FL

Andy Bean enters convenience store wearing floppy cap, suspenders, etc.

Customer: Hey, man!
Andy Bean: Good morning.
Customer: Sherlock Holmes!
Andy Bean: Yup.
Customer: Solve the mystery, cuz!  Sherlock Holmes!
Andy Bean: (laughing)
Customer: Solve the mystery, cuz!

The Councilman enters convenience store wearing suspenders, bow tie, etc.

Customer: (to Andy Bean) He with you?
Andy Bean: He sure is.
Customer: (to The Councilman) Wabson!
Andy Bean: Dr. Watson?
Customer: Yeah, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Wabson!  Solve the mystery!
The Councilman: OK.
Customer: You know where you is?
Andy Bean: No.
Customer: You in Chipley, Florida.  Solve the mystery, cuz.

This has been Volume 1 of Quick Conversations with The Gentlemen.

Yours, very truly,
Andy Bean
The Two Man Gentlemen Band

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One thought on “Quick Conversations with The Gentlemen, Vol. 1

  1. Now the question I and I’m sure many others want to ask is did you solve the mystery?

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