New Hampshire: The Gentlemen have put you On Notice!

Dear Friends,
The time has come to speak of New Hampshire, the state of my rearing.  New Hampshire, The Gentlemen have put you On Notice.

I, Andy Bean, this essay’s author and a noted 4-stringed instrumentalist, spent a majority of my formative years cavorting about the granite state.   There, between the ages of 4 and 18, I humbly gathered a small passel of those accolades common amongst promising rural young persons.  For the people and places of New Hampshire, I developed a lasting affection.  Surely, I thought at the time, when I return to this state some years in the future, as one half of a majestic two man musical combo, my home state will welcome me with open ears and wallets.  But, oh the naivety of youth!

Over the last two summers, The Gentlemen have performed in New Hampshire twice.  Attendance at these recitals, despite splendid work by the recitals’ organizers and glowing notices in some of the state’s leading dailies, has been abominable.

Perhaps, I mused to my partner, The Councilman, My Youthful accolades have little influence on the habits of two-man music enthusiasts.

How I wish I knew you in your fit & able youth, replied The Councilman.  I tire of your older self.

After such failures, a less understanding duo might abandon the state altogether.  But, given my personal ties to the area and my habit of returning there frequently to murder fish with a stick and hook, we have vowed to give New Hampshire one last opportunity to witness our musical prowess.  Two concerts approach.

Friday, November 20th at The Salt Hill Pub in Lebanon, NH.
Saturday, November 21st at The Brass Heart Inn in Chocorua, NH.

As we wish to leave little to chance with attendance at these performances, we shall now entice you, New Hampshirites and music lovers all over New England, with two items.

  1. We have composed a musical number about Franklin Pierce, our nation’s 14th President and the only one from the Granite State.

    We will perform this composition at both New Hampshire engagements.  In the songs, we proudly rhyme Pierce with Beers.  It is not to be missed.
  2. And for those amongst you who require a more visual temptation, I present to you the following photograph.

    It shows yours truly attempting to remove fish from a New Hampshire river by force.  Sometimes, a man must do his fishing in short pants.

See, New Hampshirites!  Franklin Pierce, Fishing, Short Pants!  You and The Gentlemen have common interests!   Let us prove this to you in person next month.  Join us, won’t you?

Yours very truly,
Andy Bean, Former New Hampshirite
The Two Man Gentlemen Band

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5 thoughts on “New Hampshire: The Gentlemen have put you On Notice!

  1. CroquetPlayingGirl says:

    Salutations from a new follower!
    ‘Tis truly a shame that your most beloved state of rearing should be among the less popular of your stops. I am sure that the state of New Hampshire needs just a hint of refreshing charm from Mr. Bean and the loveable humor that Mr. Condon, The Councilman, offers so elegantly. I know that I, when coming across your performance, was enchanted by your music. And that occurred before I had the lovely pleasure of meeting both gentlemen. So, a word of advice, do not despair! New Hampshirites will eventually swoon for the gents, as has happened with all your fans. I wish you the best of Luck in New Hampshire Mr. Bean and Mr. Condon. Kisses and hugs to you both.

  2. Frazer says:

    Somebody should tell the bat!

    Good lcuk gentlemen.

  3. Juno Lamb says:

    We hope to welcome you with open arms and overflowing crowds. Friends, help us: buy your tickets here:!

    Juno, for ACT

  4. […] they’re writing about us in their blog. Apparently their previous engagements in New Hampshire haven’t sold out! One of the […]

  5. alisa says:

    Dearest Fine Gentlemen,
    May it be known, the area of Berkshire County in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, wishes to formally extend an invitation for you both to call our area, your second home. For the sake of pride, we agree to reinvent history to include you as local, for indeed you are local in our hearts.
    Furthermore we believe you will find our area provides ample crowded venues and bawdy crowds on a regular basis.
    It is sincerely a shame residents of your home state should not come out in droves to cheer you on as you perform instant classics such as “The Rabbit Foot Stomp,” “In the Shadow of the Pines,” “My Other Half Is Gone,” and “Prime Numbers” to name a few. Perhaps the state of New Hampshire cannot appreciate the many fine, provocative and often educational songs of The Two Man Gentlemen Band.
    I wish you the best in presenting your latest musical number regarding Franklin Pierce.
    If your latest efforts to entice the state of New Hampshire are met with rebuff, remember the humble folks in Berkshire County will always be there with a tall pint and cold Sparks (if needed we will search all local package stores for old stock, to find caffeine containing Sparks.)
    Mr. Bean and The Councilman, it should be a pleasure to grace your audience with your gift.
    I request you visit Berkshire County as soon as possible. At which time you will see how a proper Gentleman should be swooned over, in admiration.
    I remain,

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