Fresh Compositions Revealed!

Dear Friends,
Between concert engagements this month The Councilman and I shall endeavor to ready a minivan full of new compositions. We intend to record these compositions next month. As a special treat, I shall reveal to you here the titles of some of these pieces. We think these titles accurately reflect the current State of The Gentlemen.

Me, I Get High on Reefer
We’re Going into Business
There’s Something in My Trousers
The Death of Franklin Pierce
I Feel Like Making Love To You
Put It In My Ear (When You Make That Music)
I Like To Party With Girls
Wine, Oh Wine
I Already Have a Dance Partner

We look forward to performing these for you posthaste!

Yours most anticipatorily!
Andy Bean, Gentlman
The Two Man Gentlemen Band

P.S. As we took much of September off, we’re doing a bit of study before our next string of recitals…


2 thoughts on “Fresh Compositions Revealed!

  1. Amanda says:


  2. Julie and Mark says:

    You guys wrote the book on how to be a gentleman.

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