Some August Photos and Captions!

Dear Friends,
One hates to end one’s summer with regrets, but we Gentlemen must confess this one:  With all our two-man music making, excessive socializing, and interminable minivan driving, we’ve had precious little time for electronic journal keeping, etiquette lesson giving, and general word-making here.  For this we have issued ourselves a Blogging Demerit.  And while we haven’t yet the time to compose at the leisurely pace which we enjoy (another stage and sparse crowd beckons!) we are please to share with you a handful of summer time photographs and their accompanying captions.

Let's Learn About Jazz!Here is The Councilman declaring “This guy is ready to learn about making jazz!” at the American Jazz Museum in Kansas City.  Or he might have been saying “I am an American Jazz Museum.  Visit me.”  I can’t remember.  Either way, The Gentlemen have become significantly jazzier since our visit.

IMG_0092Friends, do you get really excited to see banjos that were played by obscure Kansas City sidemen?  Probably not.  But, Andy Bean does!  Here here is just feet away from Leroy Berry’s banjo (played on some of our favorite Bennie Moten records).

IMG_0094Here are Tim and Kerry from Unique Ink in Fredericktown, MO in front of the classiest Two Man Gentlemen Band poster ever created.  Elements contributing to it’s classiness:  it’s huge, it’s framed, and it was made with 24-karat gold leaf.  My goodness!

IMG_0090The Trouser Mouse Bar in Blue Springs, MO is the only venue we know of with a strictly enforced NO MUSTANG SALLY policy.  Accordingly, our second set there included Mustang Sally, Answer to Mustang Sally, and Mustang Sally (Reprise).  We were promptly boo-ed off the stage.

IMG_0102For his birthday, I took The Councilman to Detroit (It’s always been his dream).  After a lovely day spent playing on the radio & sitting quietly in a hotel room and an evening full of music-making and coaxing the obliging audience to buy The Counce celebratory shots of liquor, I delivered the birthday boy (at 3am) to a local Burger King for a special birthday dinner.  Despite the advertised 24-hr drive through, no one seemed present to take our order, which agitated The Councilman to no small degree.  Here he’s seen shouting for assistance after exiting the gentlevan and prying open the drive-through window.

We are gentlemen, indeed, are we not?

Yours very truly,
Andy Bean
The Two Man Gentlemen Band


One thought on “Some August Photos and Captions!

  1. ari says:

    So the other day this post about ‘Help the Gents’ popped up on my RSS feed, all about emailing festivals you want to play at next summer and setting them straight. But now the post has disappeared. What that about?

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