Goodbye, England!

Dear Friends,
The Gentlemen depart tomorrow morning for the Festival de Jazz de Almodovar in Almodovar, Portugal.  Allow us to share a few more photos with you from our time in England.  But, first a word for the British peoples…

Dear British peoples: You have welcomed The Gentlemen with open arms, open ears, and seasoned livers.  For this we shall be eternally grateful.  We intend to repay your kindness and good cheer with repeated visits to your fine land.  A special thank you to everyone who put on TMGB shows, housed us, bought us drinks, and showed us a fine time.  You know who you are!  Thanks!

And now, more photos…

FolkOnthePierByJonGraceCox The Gentlemen holding hands at the Folk on the Pier festival.  May 10th in Cromer, Norfolk.
(Photo by Jon Grace-Cox)

CounceByMaesecouogneThe Councilman’s shadow in Liverpool.
(Photo by Maesecouogne)

LpoolByJimFallowsThe Gents at View 2 Gallery in Liverpool, across the street from the site of the famed Cavern club, and directly adjacent to the slightly less famous John Lennon Pizzeria. Special thanks to Sidney Bailey’s No Good Punchin’ Clowns (an incarnation of Blue Demon) for bringing the good stuff (great tunes, well-dressed ladies, and hair-product tips) to the show.  I loves you boys.
(Photo by Jim Fallows)

IMG_1618Warming up backstage at The Barbican in London before the Ralph Stanley show.  It was a bit peculiar to have a backstage dressing room since our performance took place in the theater lobby.  But, we made the most of it by eating food, warming up, meeting Ralph Stanley (who declared it “OK” that my banjo only has 4-strings), and styling my hair….


IMG_1621Andy Bean endorses Murrays Superior Hair Dressing Pomade.

IMG_1625The Councilman puts on his evening wear for a final drink at the hotel bar, London.

IMG_1630Andy Bean did NOT drink all these drinks.  The glasses were already on the table.  I promise.

Farewell, England!  We’ll miss you.

Yours most graciously,
Andy Bean
for The Two Man Gentlemen Band


5 thoughts on “Goodbye, England!

  1. Alicia says:

    I’m glad you gents had fun in England.

    You know what’s like England? Texas. Try it here next.

  2. Julie says:

    Ah, the Councilman….he’s bringing pale legs back.
    Great photos!

  3. Frazer says:

    Gentlemen,i’m sure i speak for everyone in the UK when i say it was a pleasure to have you here, and we look forward to your return visits in the future.


  4. Alisa says:

    glad to have you back in the USA so we can see you next Friday 6/12/09 – WHOOO HOOOO

    we cannot wait!!! seriously sooo exciting!!!

  5. Alisa says:

    ps- some great photos, thank you for sharing!

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