England: Week #2

Dear Internet,
Might I share with you a few more pictures and tales from our lives as migrant musical workers here in the UK?

First, for all who doubt that the good Lord smiles upon The Gentlemen and their endeavors, I present to you this evidence.  Last evening, The Councilman and I arrived at our gig in Gillingham, Kent (a bit late after getting hopelessly lost in the Medway Towns) only to discover that The Councilman had left his giant rental double bass 45 min away in our hotel room.  How does a man forget a 6 foot tall, 50 pound instrument?  Such are the effects on the brain of 10 days of English ale. (It should be noted that I remembered both of my instruments).

My, goodness, we thought?  Shall the Councilman be relegated to harmony singing and awkward stage standing this evening?  My heavens!

My heavens, indeed, we soon discovered.  For what sat upon the stage waiting for us when we entered the pub?  A double bass, and a functional one at that, sitting waiting to be plucked.  As we have never in our touring lives ever know a venue to have a double bass on hand, we determined at that moment that The Two Man Gentlemen Band is indeed the luckiest two man band going.  Nothing can stop us, methinks, even our own ineptitudes!

And now some photos…

IMG_1517Andy Bean presents…. Stonehenge!

IMG_1531The Councilman rides the London Tube with Bass!

IMG_1530Rowdy fans in Southampton!

IMG_1563The Councilman & The North Sea – Cromer, Norfolk.

More to come soon!  (They’re throwing us out of our hotel right now).

Yours, lovingly,
Andy Bean
The Two Man Gentlemen Band


3 thoughts on “England: Week #2

  1. Sarah says:

    So…The Councilman forgot the bass but remembered the Tankard?

    Priorities at work.

  2. Julie says:

    Yes, I am puzzled that a bass could be left behind. However, I am delighted to learn that fortune as once again smiled on the gentlemen. Well done! You must have been gobsmacked. Missing you in America.

  3. Alisa says:

    golly- I’ve knocked my socks off waiting for you to return.

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