A Portrait of The Gentlemen.

Dear Internet,
We submit for your approval a portrait of The Gentlemen in our 2009 attire.  The Councilman will spend the year dressed as a Riverboat Captain.  I shall spend the year as a newsboy.


Thanks as ever to Mrs. Punam Bean for the complimentary photography.

Yours very truly,
Andy Bean, Banjoist
The Two Man Gentlemen Band


5 thoughts on “A Portrait of The Gentlemen.

  1. Danica says:

    I approve of this attire.

    I have also just realized I missed the contest deadline. I am certain the winning song will be awesome!

  2. Sarah says:

    One hopes you have more than one set of outfits. Ladies tend to prefer clothing that is not so dirty that it stands up by itself.

  3. Emily says:

    What handsome gents! This picture is amazing; kudos to the photographer. The midwest ladies overwhelmingly approve.

  4. Phil Holland says:

    Hello Gentlemen!

    I’m Phil, The photographer at Julie’s wedding in Savannah.

    I wanted to share the link to her wedding gallery with you…


    If there are any images you can use…just email me. Add them to your fav’s at the site and I’ll send you the files.

    It was a treat hearing your show. You guys are spectacular!

    take care,


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