The Gentlemen Endorse… Rock Buddy!

Dear Internet,
Soon enough, friends, we shall continue the true tale of survival begun in our most recent posting.  But, such recountings require a great deal of emotional effort and loin-girding on our parts.  You will, we hope, forgive the delay as we gird said loins.  Eeeek.

Instead, we engage in some lighter fare today.  One of the great thrills of being music-makers of not-negligible reknown is that we have the infrequent opportunity to endorse new and exciting consumer products.  Today, we have such an opportunity.  Yes!  The Two Man Gentlemen Band is proud to endorse “Rock Buddy”, the very latest in inanimate, low-maintainance friendship.  Say, hello to Rock Buddy, won’t you?


Rock Buddy was developed with great care in Knoxville, TN.  About himself, Rock Buddy says “I am a citizen of Pebbleton. I make a great pet and friend. I like to read but have poor night vision.”  Oh, how precious!

Visit the rock buddy website today to learn all about your new little friend.  He (she) even comes with an instruction manual.  No throwing, please.

With warmest regards, I remain, cheerfully,
Andy Bean, Stone Enthusiast
The Two Man Gentlemen Band


One thought on “The Gentlemen Endorse… Rock Buddy!

  1. Mike says:

    I brought a rock buddy to the last concert I went to. But he said it wasn’t the same with the lead guitarist and the bassist replaced with understudies 😦

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