2009: The Year of the GentleBlog

Dear Internet,
We gentlemen have made a solemn vow to be more forthcoming about our activities in the upcoming year.  No more shall we restrict our postings to the dreadfully infrequent instances when we feel it necessary to pontificate on matters of etiquette!   This year, we endeavor to explore any and all topics suitable for discussion by a two-man band.  We have a small selection of subjects in mind (i.e. where one can purchase sock garters, the story of The Two Man Gentlemen Band parts 1-14, jazz banjo heroes: past & present, tips for minivan care, etc.)

But, friends, we need your help!  Our feeble minds are so wrapped up in the making of beautiful man-musics that our well of suitable topics will soon run dry!  So, ask yourself, friend:  Is there anything you have ever wanted to know about our humble two man band?  Is there any matter you feel must be addressed by a Gentleman’s pen?

Now is your chance, good people!  Submit your queries below!  No question shall go unanswered!  No suggested subject shall go unaddressed!  No reader shall go unsatisfied!

It is a new day, friends!  The year of the GentleBlog begins!

Most hopefully,
Andy Bean, Gentleperson


2 thoughts on “2009: The Year of the GentleBlog

  1. world war two
    communism, bloody sunday?
    decemberists? an irish martyr, manchester martyrs? robert emmet? enlightenment?

    mike emmerich
    brooklyn, new york

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