Save The Councilman! (The drink)

Dear Internet,
Will there be no respite from The Councilman’s lifetime of bad luck and missed opportunities?  Just when his newly conceived cocktail was beginning to win admirers, and he acclaim for concocting it, we learn today of the imminent demise of said cocktail’s principal ingredient… Sparks.  You may read all about it here.

Suffice it to say:  Once again, the resposibly enjoyed habits of our humble two man band are thwarted by thrill-seeking, greasy youths.  Followers of The Gentlemen will notice striking similarities to the Queens, New York Neighborhood Association’s 2006 attempt to ban all references to Badminton after a local school building was defaced with innuendo-laden “shuttlecock” graffiti.

So, friends, if you wish to postpone the inevitable onset of drowsiness and irritability in our beloved Councilman, we suggest you stock up on Sparks now and deliver him a case when you see him next.  And while you’re out of the house, please throttle the nearest Sparks-drinking youth.  Young person, must your spoil all of our adult-person fun?

Yours most affectionately,
Andy Bean, Banjoist and Occassional Sparks Light Drinker
The Two Man Gentlemen Band


One thought on “Save The Councilman! (The drink)

  1. Rich says:

    My wife and I hope to procure at least a few of these aluminum-cased beverages for the Councilman.

    We also hope to secure the Gentleman for a house concert this summer in the town of Lawrence, KS.
    (Arrangements are being made for perhaps July or August as you two are very popular and busy men.)

    In any event, we hope to see you soon!

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