The Councilman Invents a Drink!

Dear Friends,
My esteemed bass-plunking friend, The Councilman, would like to make a special contribution to world’s catalog of mixed drinks.  Prepare your highball glasses, friends, as we introduce….

The Councilman (The Drink!)

  • Ingredients:  Sparks Malted Energy Beer Beverage, Vodka
  • Preparation: Purchase a can of Sparks from your local bodega.  Clean the top of the can with a moistened napkin, as Sparks cans are notoriously grimy.  Drink 2-3 ounces of said Sparks at your own pace.  Fill the vacated can-space with a vodka of your choosing.  Then, take of sip of The Councilman!
  • Variations: Replacing Sparks with Sparks Light yields a “Light Councilman”.  This is Andy Bean’s preferred variation.  Replacing Sparks with Sparks Plus yields a “Heavy Councilman.”  The drinker is also encouraged to experiment with a variety of drinking vessels and ices to determine one’s preferences.  It is not recommend to consume one’s Councilman too quickly, through a funnel, say, or by way of the chug.  This is referred to a “Councilman Bass Solo” as is strongly discouraged.

Please enjoy your Councilman responsibly.  And if you wish not to toss and turn in your bed place til the wee hours of the morn, it is recommended to have your Councilman before 6pm.

Helpful information, no?

Kindest Regards,
Andy Bean, Banjoist


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