Letters from The Gentlevan, Vol 1

Dear Internet,
It gives us great pleasure to re-institute the Dear Internet feature of our website. Here, we endeavor to entertain you with the written (as opposed to the sung or spoken) word. We have re-posted all of our Lessons in Etiquette & other previous postings here for your review. We hope you enjoy.

We are pleased further to introduce our new “Letters from The Gentlevan” series in which The Councilman and I will relate to you tales from our life as itinerant musicians. Topics for future postings include, “Interesting Flora and Fauna We Have Seen,” “Things People Have asked us at Gas Stations,” & “Pages stolen from The Councilman’s Personal Diary.” We think this series holds great promise.

I shall initiate the series with a small piece on my good man-partner, The Councilman.

As you know friends, so as to keep his affairs mostly private, my honored man-friend, The Councilman, refers to himself primarily by his title only; The Councilman. For persons accustomed to addressing other persons by a name, and not a title, this frequently causes great consternation. Consternation, we’ve discovered, clouds the memory-parts of one’s brain. Thus, in our travels, we’ve collected a fine & true list of ways in which persons across the country have misremembered my dear friend’s name. I present said list presently, as a cautionary tale to those foggy-brained readers in our audience.

He is The Councilman, and not…

The Colonel
The Counselor
The Commodore
The Constable
The Chiefton
The Frontiersman
The Inspector

* Suggested by a drunkard of considerable reputation.

You no doubt feel empathy for my dear music partner. What torture it must be to have one’s made-up title misremembered by music lovers everywhere! We trust that you, friends, will spare him such indignity in the future. Thank you.

Warmest regards,
Andy Bean, Banjoist


2 thoughts on “Letters from The Gentlevan, Vol 1

  1. twogentlemen says:

    How thoughtful of you, friend! I appreciate you calling our audience’s attention to this.

    The Councilman

  2. Thara says:

    I can’t believe you didn’t add “COUNCE” to this list.

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